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Hyun Yoon is an abstract artist focused on drawing and painting, with plans to expand into 3 dimensional art, blending art and design. Born in Seoul in 1980, Hyun has been living and working in London since 2012. Hyun’s art interprets daily life inspirations into abstract forms.

Hyun holds a BA in History from KYU in Seoul (1998-2003) and studied Product Design at the Samsung Art and Design Institute (SADI) from 2006 to 2009. This diverse background informs Hyun’s unique perspective, merging historical and modern design principles.

The key theme in Hyun’s work is daily life, transforming ordinary moments into abstract compositions. This connection to everyday life gives the artwork a relatable yet enigmatic quality.

Originally a product designer, the pandemic prompted a shift to fine art, especially abstract drawing and painting. This change allowed for a more personal and expressive exploration of artistic ideas.

Notable exhibitions include the Affordable Art Fair in Hampstead (2024), "England is a Forest" in Colchester (2024), and "Abstract Vol 2," a virtual exhibition at Royal Blue Gallery (2024). Upcoming projects include the Jackson's Art Prize at Bankside Gallery (2024).

Hyun continues to explore and expand the boundaries of abstract art, aiming to create pieces that resonate with both personal and universal experiences.

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